We make.

We love making great websites to help our clients grow, but we are also very passionate about creating products that make a difference. Whether its challenging the way people think, or its helping teams work better together. Here are some of our projects:



Producing events is not easy. One of the biggest challenges producers face is managing the sale of your tickets. Ticketango is our answer to this very challenge. We aim to make it easy(and even fun!) for event producers to manage their online and offline ticket sales, as well as management of their guest list. We want to take ticketing to the next level and are currently rolling out this product in Central America.


Giving constructive feedback is crucial for small teams to improve how they work. With this project we aimed at making it extremely easy for teams to have a space where they could openly give each other feedback. This idea was born out of our own need.

Experimental Projects

Ser Nica es

Our aim was to explore the concept of a Nicaraguan national identity in a very simple yet interactive approach. What does it mean to be Nicaraguan. Visitors are presented with random suggestions of what it means. You either agree or disagree. Then, the crowd is presented with the opportunity to add their own suggestions. Check it out.


This was simply an exploration into something we like to call the absurd web or the useless web.